Fixed Frameless Shower Screen

A Fixed Frameless Shower Screen consists of a glass screen which prevents the shower water from spraying into the bathroom but does not have a door. 

Exodus Screens Ipswich can design and install a Fixed Frameless Shower Screen that is very dramatic in appearance and is quite functional in everyday use.


What is a Fixed Frameless Shower Screen?

Prefabricated shower screens are also easy to clean and come with no tracks, runners or seals that can harbour mould and dirt. Plus, they have a timeless design which will fit in with any bathroom décor.

Why choose a Fixed Frameless Shower Screen?

Introducing sleek, modern frameless fixed shower screens that will upgrade your bathroom style in an instant. Made from premium quality glass and designed to perfectly match any bathroom décor, these versatile fixtures are a must-have for anyone looking for a stylish and affordable solution.

Fixed Frameless Shower Screen Applications